Why get involved in India?

In India live about 200 million people who today call themselves Dalits. They are the ones who were formerly called “untouchables”. Although caste discrimination was officially abolished with the independence of India, inhuman practice still exists. Especially in rural areas it dominates the life of the Dalits.

The birth still determines what profession people have, what status they have in society, who they marry and what they are allowed to do. In the cities, the coexistence is slowly changing and the separating traditions are often blurred in the hustle and bustle of the big cities. In the countryside, however, archaic caste regulations are often still demanded, and when Dalits resist, they are often harassed with brutal violence.

The unimaginable number of rapes in India are also due to the caste separation. Rape is a tried and tested means by men from dominant castes to intimidate Dalits and to refer them to their places at the lowest end of society. They have to collect garbage, dispose of animal carcasses, clean gullies and empty latrines. Forced to do these dirty and dangerous jobs without protective clothing, they are seen as "unclean" and they are despised and ignored by the majority of society.

In most projects of Karuna Deutschland e.V. Dalits are the main target group, along with other disadvantaged groups such as tribal people.

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