Voice of women

Our aim is for Dalit and Adivasi women who have been victims of violence to be able to defend themselves and take legal action.

To this end we train self-help groups at grassroots level and civil society organisations to provide effective support for women who have experienced abuse and violence. State legal aid lawyers are trained and sensitised to better represent Dalit and Adivasi women in particular. Individual court proceedings and higher-level petitions are intended to strengthen women's rights. In addition, men and families are sensitised in the target areas so that they support victims of violence.

We are working with two Indian partners: 1. Jan Sahas from Madhya Pradesh with a focus on women's rights and local work, and 2. Lawyers Initiative Forum, a network of human rights lawyers throughout India, who petition higher courts and whose rulings indirectly benefit many women.

Voice of women indirectly supports the existing „Maitri Network Project 2016–2019 – Combating Violence against Women“ by pursuing similar goals in other districts and with other partner organisations. Later networking is planned. Jan Sahas cooperates with numerous organisations, such as currently Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan, with whom they have just led the Dignity March across India. Here, too, the aim is to free women from the shame of having been sexually attacked. How well Jan Sahas is networked at the highest levels is shown by the fact that they were invited by the Prime Minister of Chhattisgarh when the march in Raipur stopped.

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