Uplifting women and girls in eight slums of Nagpur


Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Starting in 2020 


Target group reached:
300 adolescent girls, 356 women, 1.512 children


The project is responding to the needs of women and girls in eight slums in Nagpur.

The majority of women in this area are illiterate and financially dependent on their husbands. Many are victims of domestic violence which due to lack of awareness and resources they tolerate in silence. These women, being illiterate, also lack adequate information about child health and development that would enable them to raise healthy children and understand how to support their children’s developmental and cognitive growth.  Adolescent girls are rarely provided with information about reproductive health and hygiene and see this as a taboo subject that they cannot discuss at home or at school. This limits their understanding and ownership of their bodies and sense of empowerment.

Project goal

The project aims to improve the lives of 300 adolescent girls, 356 women, and 1,512 children from eight slums in Nagpur through adolescent health training; financial psychological and legal support for women; and the provision of quality early education.

Schulklasse in Nagpur

Main activities

  • Adolescent and reproductive health training
  • Improved provision of early learning centres through teacher training, creative curriculum and introduction of English language provision
  • Training mothers on child development up to the age of three (early childhood education project) through home visits
  • Formation and training of self-help groups
  • Supporting women in accessing various government schemes, as well accessing counselling and legal services for victims of violence

Corona update

Women’s Social Project have responded to the Covid crisis by distributing food parcels to needy families who have been affected by lockdown and loss of income.

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