Das Karuna-Team

Karuna Deutschland e.V. in Essen

Most of the tasks in the association are done on a voluntary basis. Bookkeeping, website maintenance, general administration, public relations, newsletters, etc. are part of it. Through the close cooperation with the Karuna Trust we can guarantee the project management together, which is a great synergy effect.

The team of volunteers meets monthly in the Buddhist Center Essen and discusses information events, fundraising campaigns, stands, lectures and other things.

Of course, the situation of our projects is also a regular topic.

At the meetings you will learn about the latest news about the projects and you can use your ideas and talents to improve the lives of socially disadvantaged people in India and Nepal. You are very welcome!

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: info@karunadeutschland.or



First chairperson:

Susanne Traud-Dubois, Indologist MA, Programme Manager at Karuna Trust

Contact: traud-dubois@karunadeutschland.org

Second chairperson:

Dr. Rosemarie Kosche, historian and academic librarian at the University of Essen

Contact: kosche@karunadeutschland.org


Hannah Leonie Prinzler, author and filmmaker

Assistants / Extended Board:

Christa Taracitta Becker, retired sociologist

Amogharatna, Englisch teacher

Ciaran Maguire, Chief Executive Officer Karuna Trust


Karuna in Berlin

Karuna Deutschland e.V. is represented in Berlin by our board members Hannah Prinzler and Amogharatna.

There are occasional activities at the Buddhist Gate Berlin.

If you are interested in volunteering in Berlin, please contact us by email: info@karunadeutschland.org


Stay up to date on our projects and see how we work!

(Newsletter only available in German language)


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