Self-defense for girls

Not to be touched, not to be helplessly at the mercy of constant harassment and everyday insults in the bus, to dare to say “NO” at all and to defend oneself against sexist violence: this is not understandable for Indian women and girls. They have grown up in the awareness that they are helpless against this display of social power relations.

We therefore support self-defence courses for young girls and women in and around Nagpur. The first thing they learn is that they have every right in the world and in the Indian state on their side. And that they have good reason to say “NO”. That they don’t have to put up with being insulted or attacked. They learn to deal skillfully with these everyday situations, to develop a verbal quick-wittedness that exposes the mouth hero.

Unfortunately there are more and more cases of sexual violence and brutal rapes in India. We read here in the newspaper about the most cruel murders. Therefore, after strengthening self-confidence, practical self-defence is also part of the programme. The most effective tricks and kicks to ward off attackers are trained again and again. So that they can really be used in an emergency.

The self-defence courses “Wenlido” are part of the “Prabhodhini Project” in Nagpur, which supports women and children. They do not need to resign themselves and accept a life of poverty and oppression, often even violence. Instead, despite all the difficulties, creativity and vitality and self-confident trust in one's own possibilities emerge.

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