Self Declaration

of Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society)

Trust is of decisive importance for the cooperation in our society. One basis for this is the transparent presentation of all important information. We have therefore joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative and are thus committed to making the following ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date.

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation of our organization

Name: Karuna Deutschland e.V.
Registered office, address: Herkulesstraße 13a
45127 Essen
Year of foundation: 2006

2. Complete articles of association or partnership agreement as well as other essential documents that provide information on the concrete goals we pursue and how these are achieved (e.g. vision, mission statement, values, funding criteria).

Articles of association:  The current version of our articles of association is available as PDF (331 KB).
The purpose and goals of our association as well as general information on the use of funds can be found in our articles of association under § 2 (purpose of the association) and § 3 (use of funds). Specific information on the use of funds is listed below under point 8.
Mission statement: The association Karuna Deutschland e.V. is committed to improving the living conditions of people who belong to the poorest and most disadvantaged population groups in India and Nepal. Although the stigma of "untouchability" was officially abolished with the declaration of Indian independence, the Dalits in particular – formerly stigmatized as "untouchables" – still suffer from exclusion and aggression. Still among the poorest of India's poor, access to health care, education, housing and decent living is difficult. Especially the women and girls of the Dalits suffer from omnipresent violence and discrimination. Although many of the Dalits have now turned to Buddhism and found a supportive spiritual home after centuries of collective humiliation, their socio-economic situation remains precarious. The association Karuna Deutschland e.V. therefore wants to give help to particularly needy people to help themselves.
Values: Karuna Deutschland was founded by German Buddhists and works on the basis of Buddhist ethics. Karuna is a Sanskrit term and means "compassion in action".
Funding criteria: The purpose of the association is to improve the living conditions of relatives of former untouchables and indigenous people in India and Nepal. The association's activities focus on women and children, who are often the most disadvantaged people within these groups.

3. The date of the most recent tax office decision regarding recognition as a tax-privileged (non-profit) corporation, if it is such a corporation.

Tax office: Essen-NordOst
Tax number: 111/5782/3008
Type: Exemption notice for corporate income tax
Date of issue: 22.01.2021
Valid until: 21.01.2026

4. Name and function of key decision-makers (e.g. management, board of directors and supervisory bodies)

Board: Susanne Traud-Dubois (1. Chairperson)
Dr. Rosemarie Kosche (2. Chairperson)
Hannah Leonie Prinzler (Treasurer)
Extended Board: Amogharatna
Taracitta Ch. Becker
Ciaran Maguire (CEO Karuna Trust)

5. Report on the activities of our association: timely, comprehensible and as comprehensive as reasonably possible (e.g. copy of the report to be submitted annually to the members' or partners' meeting).

Account: Our latest Report is available as PDF.
Ongoing reporting: Via this website (see projects, blog (German only) and newsletter (German only)), the newsletter is also sent to subscribers by e-mail.

6. Personnel structure: Number of full-time employees, honorary staff, marginally employed persons, persons performing community service, persons performing voluntary service; information on volunteers

Staff: A full-time consultant works with the executive board. A team of eight volunteers supports fundraising, public relations, website, etc. Accounting and the annual financial statement are carried out by a tax consultant’s office.
Project management and reporting for institutional donors is done in cooperation with Karuna Trust.

7. Source of funding: Information on all revenues, presented as part of the annual income, expenditure or profit and loss account, broken down according to funds from the non-material area (e.g. donations, membership and promotion fees), public grants, income from business operations, special-purpose operations and/or asset management.)

Source of funding: See the annual report, under "7. Financial Report" on pages 9 and 10.

8. Use of funds: Angaben über die Verwendung sämtlicher Einnahmen, dargelegt als Teil der jährlich erstellten Einnahmen-Ausgaben- oder Gewinn-und-Verlust-Rechnung sowie der Vermögensübersicht bzw. der Bilanz

Use of funds: See the annual report, under „7. Financial Report“, pages 9 and 10, and also under „3. Activities – Measures and Projects“, pages 4 to 8, and on this website at the individual projects (access via the “Projects” page)

9. Corporate ties with third parties, e.g. parent company or subsidiary, development association, outsourced business enterprise, partner organisation

Partner organisations: We have compiled an overview of our partner organisations on our website. However, we are legally independent.

10. Names of legal persons whose annual contributions account for more than ten percent of our total annual revenue

Legal persons: The Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) (BMZ) is the one legal entity whose annual contribution accounted for more than ten percent of annual income in the past reporting period.
Natural persons: The contributions of no natural person amounted to more than ten percent of our total annual income.

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