Our projects

We currently support 9 projects with a focus on:

  • Education
  • Women's empowerment
  • Combatting violence and discrimination
  • Health

For each project you will find more information by clicking the project signposts on the map.

Maitri Network Project – combatting violence against women

13 organisations support women who have suffered violence. They train representatives of the police and judiciary to sensitize them to the needs of traumatized women.

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Girls in need of protection live safely

The Solera residence in Amravati is home to 36 girls from the most difficult family situations who receive loving support for their personal and school development.

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Help for young mothers and infants in South Nepal

This project supports the development of structures within local communities to improve maternal and neonatal health.

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Strong girls in South Nepal

Dalit and other disadvantaged girls (and boys) successfully go to school, their mothers earn money, teachers are well trained and schools are well equipped.

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Yashodhara School Dormitory for nomadic children

Children of the Pardhi nomads live safe here and go to school regularly. They are supported in growing up healthy and in developing their potential.

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Children of prostitutes get chances for the future

The children of the prostitutes of Pune are supported in their education so that they can escape the life gain of their mothers.

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Self-defence and self-confidence

Training for girls and young women in and around Nagpur. Girls develop technique and self-confidence and learn to defend themselves against assaults.

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Decent work for women

Women in eight slums in Nagpur learn professional skills that enable them to earn a fair living. This means that their children can continue to go to school.

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School for Tibetan refugee children in Kalimpong

Tibetan refugee children receive a sound education and at the same time maintain contact with their cultural roots.

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Voice of women

Our aim is for Dalit and Adivasi women who have been victims of violence so that they can defend themselves and take legal action.

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