Nepal – known for its temples and the Himalayan mountains with the Mount Everest. But the “roof of the world” is also marked by caste apartheid, oppression of women and discrimination. The Dalit population in Nepal is – according to the 2011 census – estimated at between 13.8 and 20 %. Other communities such as Janajati (indigenous people) and Muslims are also among the most disadvantaged groups.

Frequent changes of the government, general strikes and natural disasters have destabilised the country. About one third of the population lives below the poverty line and life expectancy is in the bottom third compared to other Asian countries. Almost half of all children living in Nepal suffer from malnutrition and undernourishment. And there are still discriminatory practices such as “Chaupadi”: According to this tradition, women are forbidden to touch other people and objects during menstruation and have to live outside the community, usually in a cattle shed.

But Nepal is also a country with many opportunities. The active participation of local people and sustainable engagement can result in positive changes in this country.

Karuna Deutschland supports projects in Nepal to improve education and to enhance the empowerment of women.

Help for young mothers and infants in South Nepal

This project supports the development of structures within local communities to improve maternal and neonatal health.

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Strong girls in South Nepal

Dalit and other disadvantaged girls (and boys) successfully go to school, their mothers earn money, teachers are well trained and schools are well equipped.

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Understanding Global Interrelationships – Development Policy in Education on the Example of India and Nepal

On the example of India and Nepal the project aims to sensitise people and organisations in Germany to development policy contexts and issues and to highlight the global responsibility of our society.

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