Safe birth for young mothers and babies

Establishment and support of eight new and two existing maternity wards, courses for pregnant women and mothers, self-help groups, family planning for young people, cooperation with health authorities

Nawalparasi in South Nepal

01.02.2019 to 31.01.2022

450.000 €, granted by Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung

Erreichte Zielgruppe:
Ca. 72.000 Begünstigte, davon ca. 52.000 Frauen.


Due to the lack of medical care, especially in rural areas, maternal and infant mortality in Nepal remains high. This problem is exacerbated by the pronounced disadvantage of women. Pregnant women from disadvantaged communities usually do not have the opportunity to opt for professional childbirth. Against this background, there is an urgent need to improve health care for women, infants and adolescent girls in the areas of sexuality and reproduction.

Midwives and nurses in the delivery room of the maternity ward in Thulokairatava. It is clean and well equipped for the safe support of an uncomplicated birth.

Project goal

Permanent medical care close to home for pregnant women, mothers of young children, newborns and children will be ensured. In addition to the construction of eight new obstetric centres, two existing wards will be upgraded to recognised obstetric centres so that they meet the medical and legal requirements. Counselling and qualification offers complement the construction measures. As in the previous projects, the running of the centres will initially be fully financed by the project for two years and gradually taken over by government authorities from the third year onwards. On the basis of existing government programmes, the project will be sustainably integrated into the public health system.

At the regular mothers’ group meetings, the women also receive health education and advice.

Main activities

  • Construction and establishment of eight new obstetric centres in four rural communities in Southern Nepal
  • Renovation and equipping of two existing obstetric centres
  • Operation of the centres for two to four years until full continuation by the public health system
  • Courses for pregnant women and mothers
  • Regular group offers for the counselling of mothers
  • Establishment of self-help groups
  • Raising awareness against child marriage to prevent teenage pregnancies
  • Counselling services on family planning for young people
  • Professional qualification and training for health workers
  • Cooperation with the health authorities
  • Involvement of traditional healers and of Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) already affiliated to the health system

Covid update

Due to the Corona pandemic, emergency aid measures were added on an ad hoc basis. Hygiene products and protein-rich food supplements were distributed to pregnant women and young mothers. Obstetric wards were equipped with protective clothing, masks and disinfectants, and staff received hygiene training.

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