Nepal: Mother and child health in Pharping

Project duration: 2007–2013

Our project partner Green Tara Trust (GTT) was founded in 1999 to offer help for self-help in a desolate situation in Nepal. Its special concern is health education in close cooperation with local organisations. In this mother-child project in rural areas, GTT supports the establishment of local self-help groups to care for young mothers and newborns:

Mothers and infants:

  • Courses for pregnant women and mothers on health and infant care issues, in particular on when professional help is needed
  • Development of a mentoring system in which the acquired knowledge is passed on by experienced mothers
  • Clean delivery material for every pregnant woman as well as baby blankets that protect against cooling down
  • Postnatal medical examinations within 48 hours

Young people:

  • Sexual health education campaigns
  • Youth groups in which sexual health is informed and spoken about
  • Creation of media for health education (radio broadcasts, brochures)

Advice to institutions:

  • Training for health personnel and volunteers
  • A health officer is deployed in cooperation with the local hospital
  • Cooperation with public authorities, citizens’ initiatives, lobbying
  • Participation in the development of a new national health curriculum in cooperation with the Ministry of Health

Karuna Deutschland e.V. supports the mother-child component of the project. The institutional consultancy is accompanied by various European universities, which are also responsible for the extensive evaluation and scientific preparation of the project.

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