Ways to help and to get involved


Donation as a gift

Sometimes you get gifts that you don't really need. Instead, you can wish for support for a Karuna project as a gift. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas party – invite your guests and friends to give you a donation for Karuna instead of an item. Please contact us if friends or guests would like a donation receipt.

Aktion mit InfostandParticipate in or carry out actions

Our volunteers are involved in events where they inform people about our projects. Maybe you are interested and want to help organise an event – big or small? Or do you want to help or participate in one of the current campaigns? In the past, we have organised various activities to draw attention to the needs of people in India and Nepal. We look forward to your commitment and your help!

Donate time

At Karuna Germany you can donate your time and expertise. Our volunteers have different talents and strengths that enrich our work in different ways every day. Many invest their time according to availability and support us at events, staff information stands or do other work.

With this commitment, you can help us in a particular way:

  • Fundraising for den Karuna Deutschland e.V.
  • Create awareness for our projects and topics and inspire people (be an ambassador for Karuna)
  • Help in establishing contacts with schools, foundations, etc.
  • Help with the organisation of events
  • Editorial and design work for publications or social media.

Condolence donation

Donations instead of flowers and wreaths – whether in the spirit of the deceased person or because the relatives would like to support our work. More and more people are choosing this way to turn grief into hope. Please let us know your intention to support our help for women and children in India or Nepal through a condolence donation. This makes it easier for us to allocate the donations and issue donation receipts.

Donation by will

Would you like to give people in India and Nepal a life in dignity and a chance for the future? Then you can consider Karuna Germany as a (co-)heir or legatee in your will. Contact us, we will be happy to inform you about the various possibilities of making a donation in your will. Our treasurer Leonie Prinzler is your contact person: prinzler@karunadeutschland.org. Of course, you can also support individual topics that are closest to your heart.


As a judge, public prosecutor or tax authority, you can support us by imposing fines in favour of Karuna Germany. We are registered to receive fines. You can find more details under Information on fines.


Karuna Deutschland offers companies various opportunities to make a sustainable commitment to people in India and Nepal and to donate to a current aid project.

Partner companies can consider us as part of their fundraising activities, e.g. in residual cent or Christmas campaigns. Employees can be involved in these activities. We are also happy to organise joint activities with companies, such as fundraising or charity events. We offer companies that support us regularly the opportunity to place their logo on our website. This way, they can refer to their social commitment on their own company website.



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