Decent work for women

Project period: 2018–2022

In the slums of Nagpur many families live from hand to mouth. Especially the women have little chance to earn money in a fair way. They are mostly uneducated and have to work as domestic helpers for wealthier families. There they are very often exploited and earn only a small extra income in spite of long working hours. They can only dream of social security in the event of accidents or illness. Thus they cannot support their children in successfully passing through school. On the contrary, girls between the ages of 12 and 13 are taken out of school to do the housework and take care of their younger siblings. The spiral of poverty thus continues.

Our project partner Samata Mahila Foundation (SMF) supports 423 women in 29 self-help groups in 8 slums. Here, according to their previous knowledge, women learn further skills so that they can earn an income. Women join forces to build up a small business together. These can be small shops or tailor shops. SMF also ensures that families benefit from state benefits. There are a number of social benefits that the needy families very often do not receive because they are unaware of them. Or they are not able to apply for them and to stand up for themselves. The project supports women in this.

There are learning groups for the children to help them with their homework. And, of course, all participants undertake to send their children to school by the end of the course.

We support this project together with Karuna Trust, which monitors and supports this project.

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