Sunita´s Story

Health Education For Young People  - Sunita´s Story

Sunita is 15 years of age and has dropped out of school last year to assist her mother with caring for the old and feeble grandparents. She is living together with five siblings, her parents and grandparents in a thatched clay hut three hours away from the nearest road. She is scarcely able to read and write because her mother again and again fetched her home from school in order to help her with the housekeeping.

" I suffered from amenorrhoea twice," she tells us," and I told my mother about it because I was worried something might not be all right. My parents suspected me of having a boy-friend, but that was not true. They started to ask around all over the village. I was so very embarrassed. My father told me, he would strike me dead, if I was pregnant because it would be a shame to the family.
One of these days I bought a bottle of rat poison and decided to kill myself. My girl-friends got very worried and finally I told them what was going on. They got me to the nearest hospital and there we came to know that I was suffering from jaundice. This was the reason for amenorrhoea. Thanks to my girl-friends I was able to give evidence to my parents of not being pregnant.
Now my girl-friends and I have established a youth group to support young people like us. Green Tara Trust educates us to realise information events on our own and we intend to do a radio broadcast. Thereby we can help other adolescents who have a lot of wrong views concerning their health and who feel being left alone with their questions."