Effective help is based on three different aspects:

Thoroughly knowing the local situation, a distinct strategy for ongoing changes and the financial ressources to put them into practise.
Our local project partners are equipped with the first two requirements. To put their vision into action they need our financial assistance. Please help us to brighten up life for many people.

You will achieve maximum effect when placing a banker´s order since this means planning security for us, and makes it possible to warrant the projects´support for several years. But also one-time contributions are a precious assistance.The donation schedule however is no direct debit authorisation.Therefore we ask you to make the remittance or place the standing order yourself.
Please transfer to the following account:

         Karuna Deutschland e.V.
         Konto-Nr.: 40 19 173 700
         BLZ: 430 609 67
         GLS-Bank Bochum

Please fill in and mail us the donation schedule so we can make out a donation receipt at the end of the year. It will be most helpful for us, if you do not donate for a specific purpose. Should you want to support a definite part of our work,  please indicate it on your schedule.


Your donation will be exclusively used for
humanitarian purpose...

...unless you declare your agreement that your donation may be used for Buddhist  activities. At present we also support a project enabling the "New Buddhists" of India as the former "Dalits" to have access to spiritual ressources besides the access to material ressources. Sometimes this can be of equal importance for regaining a life with dignity. Of course we will only apply your contribution in this way having your explicit approval.

You can supply Karuna Deutschland with a donation in pressing  the symbol of the donation portal on the left. By means of a secure internet connection you can order a direct debit authorisation  being transferred to Karuna Deutschland one-hundred percent. Quickly and easily done!

You will automatically obtain a charitable donation certificate.

Thank you very much!