Dobhi Village School - Education Is A Privilege

Education, being allowed to learn and to develop cannot be taken for granted, even less in a country like India. The Dobhi Village School is located in Bodhgaya, Bihar. The federal state of Bihar is so extremely impoverished, that it would rank among the 10 poorest countries worldwide, if it was an independent state. The Indian economic expansion and the advance of computer-technology are happening elsewhere.



Most of the people living here are too poor to have their children attend an approved school. We support the Dobhi Village School, being run by a resident nonprofit organization. Our associate organization People First is administrating further schools of the environment with overall more than 800 children attending classes. Only needy children coming from very poor families are admitted. In many cases this means that the children arise from the social class of the Dalit. Dalit are those castes being formerly stigmatised as untouchables. Even today they suffer from numerous forms of discrimination, are segregated, even abused. They are still striving for basic rights like education, survival and dignity of man in the extremely hierarchically structured Indian society.

Interview with a graduate of the Dobhi Village School of Bodhgaya, who is now teacher here. Thank you to all sponsors!

A solid education is of course the foundation to escape from the cycle of poverty. In the Dobhi Village School 250 children, half of them are girls, are able to learn from their to their year of age. This means a blessing for the children whose alternatives would be field work, child marriage and teenage pregnancies. The illiteracy rate still amounts to 60 %. And the cycle of poverty is so hard to break.








The society  "Schoolpens for India e.V." recently has provided the Dobhi Village School with the annual requirement of school materials such as exercise books, pens and pencils. Thank you very much!