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We are a non-profit association and contribute to improving the lives of people who belong to the most disadvantaged, poor and marginalised groups of the population.

In cooperation with our local project partners, we help people to help themselves. The projects we support enable people to take charge of and improve their situation with regard to health care, education, livelihoods and self-determination.

We support people in regaining their dignity and self-confidence and encourage them to stand up for their rights themselves. It is important to us that each project is sustainable and becomes independent of outside help within a manageable time frame.

Karuna Deutschland was founded in 2006 by German Buddhists. The projects we support are open to all people. We cooperate closely with the Karuna Trust in England, which has been supporting humanitarian projects in India and Nepal since 1980.

We are entitled to issue donation receipts for tax purposes.

Here you can download our brochure in German: Karuna Deutschland Broschüre.

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The following companies support our work. We would like to say a big thank you for this. If your company would also like to make a valuable contribution to our work, please contact us. We would like to thank you by placing your logo.

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Why we are active in India and Nepal

India is home to about 200 million people who today call themselves Dalits. They are those who used to be called "untouchables". Although caste discrimination was officially abolished with India’s independence, the inhuman practice still exists. Especially in rural areas, it dominates the lives of Dalits.

In Nepal, the situation is very similar, especially in the Terai, which borders India. Here, too, people are discriminated against and disadvantaged because of their caste.

Birth still determines what profession people take up, what status they have in society, who they marry and also what they are allowed to do. In the cities, living together is slowly changing and the dividing traditions are more often blurred in the hustle and bustle of the big city. In rural areas, however, archaic caste rules are often still enforced and when Dalits resist, they are often harassed with brutal violence.

The unimaginable numbers of rapes in India are also due to caste segregation. Rape is a tried and tested way for men from dominant castes to intimidate Dalits and relegate them to their places at the bottom of society. They have to collect rubbish, dispose of animal carcasses, clean drains and empty dry latrines. Forced to do these dirty and dangerous jobs without protective clothing, they are considered “unclean” and are despised and ignored by mainstream society. Women and girls are affected threefold: by poverty, caste discrimination and systematic disadvantage.

In most projects of Karuna Deutschland e.V., Dalits are the main target group, along with other disadvantaged groups such as tribals.

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