Karuna Deutschland e.V. works in India and Nepal, where hundreds of millions of people suffer lives of grinding poverty and oppression, excluded from the region’s economic boom.

Those most affected are known as Dalits, literally meaning “broken people”, who are placed outside the caste system on the basis of birth. Considered “impure”, and therefore “untouchable”, they are forced to do the most degrading and humiliating work, such as cleaning out toilet pits of whole villages or clearing away carcasses.

Dalit children and women are particularly at risk. More than half of Dalit children drop out before finishing primary school, while women suffer the double discrimination of gender and caste, with most being taken out of school early to be sold into marriage and household service at the cost of their own independence.

This epidemic of exclusion based on caste has existed for centuries. It serves only to widen the ever-growing poverty gap and social and economic progress of millions in South Asia.

We support people to help themselves. Thus we work together with partner organisations in India and Nepal. They are familiar with the local situation and are trusted by the people. Our projects empower people to master and improve their living conditions with regard to education, self determination and healthcare.


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